imageHealth and Safety

It is the policy of MIA Heating Services that all possible steps are taken to ensure the health and safety of persons at work and to prevent accidents and damage to property.

A full copy of the company Health and Safety Policy is available at all times for the reference and guidance of all employees. In addition site specific health and safety files are available for reference on all projects.

All our operatives are CSCS registered and JIB graded.

General Policy Statement

It is company policy to safeguard the health and safety of all employees and other persons engaged in, or effected by the activities of the company. The Directors assume responsibility for the operations of the company’s Health and Safety policy. Every employee is duty bound to exercise personal responsibility in their actions and to do everything possible to prevent accident or injury to themselves and others. It is the duty of management and staff to co-operate to maintain the company’s safety standards at the highest possible level.

Responsibilty Structure

The Company’s Health and Safety Policy is adopted by the Directors and the responsibility for implementation is held by Martin Arnold who is responsible for ensuring management operation of the policy. Every employee is responsible for compliance.

Every employee must make themselves aware of procedures in force at their place of work in respect of:

First Aid
Accident Reporting – R.I.D.O.R.
Any special safety requirements
Wearing of PPE

Click here to download a copy (.pdf format) of MIA Health and Safety Policy.

Click here to download a copy (.pdf format) of MIA Corgi Registration Certificate.